Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally, some news

On December 23rd we received more photo's of baby "T". He looks great, seems to have gained some weight which he really needed to do! He has his hands open in all of the photos. Praise God as that was one thing the international doctor noticed when she was reviewing the photos. We still don't have any word on his brother or a court date, but as Stacy reminded me, everything is in His time. Thank you Stacy!

We had a great Xmas, although I was thankful for our family and friends, it seemed like something was missing...we need to get our baby home with us!

We have had many blessings in the last month as I was accepted into Grad school and will be working on my Master in Public Administration. I was also officially promoted to the Finance Director at the City I have been working at for 2 years now. Simon also finished up those two pesky credits he need for his Bachelor's and is also seriously considering Grad school. Bella's dad is planning on moving to Montana, which will allow him to be closer and see her more often. Nicky will be starting a new daycare in February. It is a wonderful center where he will be starting pre pre school (how funny is that). We are looking forward to 2009 as we have many things to be thankful for!!