Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Prayers Have Been Answered

Simon got the job at the bank!! He will be a Credit Analyist. He is very excited about the position and the opportunity. We have been praying (and asking others to pray for us) that God would help provide the finances we needed to adopt our baby boy. This is the answer to our prayers, just getting the job in this tight job market is a blessing, but they offered him $10k/year more than we were expecting. GOD IS GREAT!!! We are thinking we may be able to start the adoption sooner, possibly August. Thank you everyone who has been praying for us on this journey.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there. We had a relaxing day. Nicky helped me make a special dinner for Simon.

Simon, Bella, & Nicky

Simon's Job Status & Ethiopia Thoughts

Simon's Job
Well, we have good news on the job front for Simon. He has a second interview with the bank he interviewed with a month or so ago. This is the one that told him that they wanted to hire him, but couldn't fill the position at that time. His interview is Wed...we are on pins and needles waiting for it. I just calculated what I think he will be making and how much of that we can dedicate to the adoption, and if he starts in July, we will have our $10,000 goal by October! That means we will be able to start the adoption process then. Things have been moving pretty quickly with Ethiopia, so we may have our baby boy home by next summer!

With all of the news lately about the famine in Ethiopia (admittedly I have not watched much of it, as it is too heart breaking for me right now) and the research I have been doing on the country, I can't help but think there has to be something more we can do. Realizing I make as much in one day as some Ethiopians make in an entire year. Also, the famine...we eat more during one meal then some Ethiopians have in an entire day. Our church recently sent several groups to Africa on a missions trip. We are going to connect with them to see how we can help while we are there. From what I have heard of others trips to pick up their children, we may have time to do some work while we are there. Not one day passes that I do not think about this country and the people there.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adoption Journaler for RLC

I am officially an adoption blogger for RLC. I am really excited to be part of this powerful movement. I have felt God has been behind our adoption every step of the way so far. I hope that being part of the adoption journaling for RLC will help other people on this journey as well.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Red Letters Campaign (RLC)

Some of you may have noticed I added a new link to our blog, I thought I would take a minute and fill you in on RLC.

What RLC is about

We at the Red Letters Campaign (RLC) believe that YOU have the power to reduce extreme poverty, fight preventable disease and connect orphans with loving families. Our mission is to provide you the tools and a network of partners and like-minded people that enable you to be an active part of the solution - the way you want to participate.

RLC is a different kind of non-profit designed to support you in your passions - not the other way around. Whether your passion focuses on the HIV epidemic in Africa, providing safe drinking water to Central America or finding homes for children without families in India, we can connect you to people and resources that help you make a difference in the way that you desire.

Whether you’ve just recently become aware of the challenges faced by the orphaned, widowed and extreme poor or have already rolled up your sleeves and joined the front line, the Red Letters Campaign will connect you with the people and resources you need to turn passion into action.
10 Things You Can Do Now:
Connect through Facebook
Support Project Ethiopia
Follow Adoption Journals
Answer Blog Buzz Questions
Learn importance of HIV Awareness
Travel to meet poverty
Read a Book
Get a Blog Badge
Find an end Poverty Meetup
Finance entrepreneurs through Kiva

Please take a few minutes to check out the website.

"When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the alien, the fatherless and the widow, so that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands." Deu 24:20

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nicky & Mommy's weekend

Simon has drill this weekend, so it is just Nicky and mommy. He has been fighting an annoying
cold for a couple of weeks and finally seems to have knocked it out. He has been a bear, although he is back to his cheerful self. We are cleaning and cleaning some more. It seem like it has caught up with me...I guess since we have lived her 2 1/2 years now, our house is officially no longer new and is dirty now.
Nothing new on the adoption you see, our little stork keeps moving right along. Thanks to "Uncle Sam" we got to make a great big deposit! Simon doesn't have a job yet. Please pray for him, we won't starve if he does not get one, but it will accelerate our adoption drastically when he does. I know God has the perfect job in mind for him...but it is hard being patient and waiting.
Well, that is it for this weeks update. I have about 40 resume's to screen for the replacement on my team. That should keep my busy for most of Nicky's nap.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I need some right now. Work has been crappy, I can't say I wasn't fairly warned, being a manager can really stink. Not everyone on my team strives for excellence. Some people just quit when the going gets tough, or Jessica gets tough and coaches you to do your job...yeah the one you are getting paid good money for. I had a resignation last week...I hate those and since it is my 2nd one this year, I am fighting to not let this one get us further behind. I can't say I did not see the writing on the wall with this one, but hey, denial is a nice place to live sometimes.

I am also really missing by sweat baby Bella. She is such a great girl and the house feels empty without her constant chatter. She is always a source of energy and motivation for me. Remember when playing outside with your friends was the "best day ever"? How about running in the sprinkler? It is going to be 86 degrees here today and I am held up in the house trying not to get too hot by going outside. Maybe I should go run in the sprinkler with Nicky...I think that might be my needed inspiration.....