Saturday, February 20, 2010

New pics

Here are a couple of new pictures I took today of David and I...he is so cute and looks so much different than he did 6 months ago!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 months and our new life

Well, I can't believe we have had David for 6 months now. We had our 6 month post placement visit today and it felt strange to summarize David in an hour meeting with our social worker. It has only been 3 months since we saw her last, but so much has changed!

First, we now know that David is around 2 years old. To be on the conservative side, we are setting his birthday to May 12th. That makes him 21 months old, much different than the 17 months he would be with his ET birthday. After a fabulous evaluation at Children's International Adoption Clinic in Denver, we found out it his delayed in his speech and only talking at about a 14 month level. This was our biggest issue and we are relived to now know that his constant "uh, uh" is not at his age level. We will start therapy soon. Other than that, he is doing terrific, attachment is going well and he is settling in very well. Don't get me wrong...toddler adoption is hard! Our social worker said something so true today, "nature made them cute and sweet as babies so you had already feel in love with them before they became toddlers!"

Simon started the police academy in Denver two weeks ago. He is loving every minute of it and I am so proud of him. It is a huge commitment with 6 days a week for 12-13 hours a day. We feel God has provided us with everything we needed to follow Him in Simon's career path over the last several months. We are trusting in Him that He will provide Simon with a job in June when he is done with school.

So, since Simon is gone most of the time now, you can imagine that has changed my life a tad more working 12 hour days. I am now a mommy from 5pm until 8am. It has been a huge transition for our family, but surprising to me, a very fulfilling one. I have managed to remain fairly calm, mostly due to my OCD when it comes to planning. Lots of lists and lots of reminders in my Blackberry.

For Bella & Nicky, they are great. Nicky is such a fun 3 year old...we are soooo glad the 2's are gone. He has fallen into the big brother roll so quickly and actually was telling some kids at McDonald's to get away from his brother! Bella is growing to be such a wonderful big sister and sweet young woman. I am not sure how I would get through this time with Simon gone so much without her. Now, she just needs to learn her times tables!!

Well, that is the update for now...thanking God for his blessings and the grace He shows us everyday!