Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Adoption Process

A lot of you have been asking what the process involves and how long it will take. I will outline the steps and estimated time lines below. This is a pretty basic list and I am sure I will add to it as we go.

  • Choose Adoption Agency - International Adoption Network, March 2008
  • Complete Agency Application - Est. July 2008
  • Start Home Study - Est. July 2008, this will take 3 months
  • Submitt Dossier (complete adoption package) to Ethiopia- Est. October, 2008
  • Wait for a Referral - this can take 3 months
  • Wait for a Court Date in Ethiopia - about 1-2 months after referral
  • Travel to Ethiopia to pick up our baby - about 9-12 months after start of process

This process will involve mountains and mountains of paperwork. Colorado law also requires 24 hours of adoption related training. We will be taking this through our agency.