Saturday, May 17, 2008

Adoption Update

Well, it looks like our focus now is getting the $$ we need to start. Along those lines, I believe God is providing and will continue as we try to reach our goal. Yesterday we received a check in the mail for the overpayment we had in our escrow account for our home mortgage to pay the insurance and taxes. Yippeee, $150 we did not know we had coming! Every little bit helps and I took it to the bank right away to deposit in our adoption account, I was so excited to get it. Our little stork is moving along.

Along those same lines, Simon only has one class left to take and will be done with his degree by the end of June. He had two interviews (different positions) with a local bank last week. Hiring for one of the positions had to be put on hold, but he was the person they wanted, so we will see of they will be able to hire it soon. He is still waiting to hear on the other one. We are hoping we will get an answer next week.

We have been looking for ways to speed up our savings. I have tossed around the idea of a yard sale...maybe a little later in the summer. We did find a great company that specializes in providing products for adoptive families to sell to help fund adoption. They support many fair trade projects and the products come from Ghana, Haiti, Peru, and Uganda. We are really excited about it and will have more info coming soon.
I found the coolest picture today I want to share. It is of a woman who spends her days sculpting clay at the Ethiopian tourism board’s workshop. The artists are paid for their labour. Their work is bought mainly by tourists. I just love it. Enjoy!