Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our last week

Well, we did it...we bought a new car. We have been talking about it for about 2 years...what kind of car we would get when Simon got out of school. It took Simon about 6 months to convince me we should get a mini van. I know, all of you who have known me for awhile know I swore I would never drive a mini van. Well, lets just say 2 kids with one more coming and 2 dogs convinced me. Also those long trips to Montana to see my family and Nebraska to see Simon's family seemed a lot more comfortable in a van.

We had decided on either a Honda Odyssey, or a Toyota Sienna and started looking awhile ago. We had a horrible experience with the Toyota dealer this weekend and decided to drive an Odyssey. Well, we fell in love with the Honda. It is fabulous!!! I can't believe how much room it has and how nice it drives. The dealership was great and gave us free oil changes for as long as we own the car! We are now loyal Honda owners. We still like our Toyota...but the Honda is great. It did not come with a DVD player so we still need to get that installed, but we love it.

Bella will be coming home this Saturday. She was too homesick at her Dad's and wanted to come home a couple of weeks early. We are so excited to see her. She has been bugging us to buy a van for awhile now. She actually thinks they are cool (I am sure that will change in a few years) and Simon said he will call it "Bella's Van". He is so sweet.

We have our first appointment with our caseworker for the Home study on Sunday. We are excited to meet her and start this part of the process.

More exciting news...we have now reached
visitors to our Blog!! We are thankful for you all and happy you are sharing this journey with us.

I will post more after our meeting on Sunday with the caseworker...


Brandi said...

Yeah! We broke down and got a van too. . .the same one! I love my odessey! Great van that works GREAT for multiple kids!

Congrats on 500 too. . I am one of them!


Jessica said...

Thanks for reading, I read your blog also and find you very inspiring!