Sunday, August 17, 2008

Five For 50

Did you know that:

$5 a Month Can:

  • Feed 1 orphan for a month (100 meals)
  • Educate 1 orphan for a year
  • Buy new clothes for 1 orphan

$25 a Month Can:

  • Feed 5 orphans for a month (500 meals)
  • Educate 5 orphans for a year
  • Buy new clothes for 5 orphans

$50 a Month Can:

  • Feed 10 orphans for a month (1000 meals)
  • Educate 10 orphans for a year
  • Buy new clothes for 10 orphans

Please check out 5 for 50. Simon and I feel it is very important we instill a sense of selflessness in our children. It must start with us. Our kids need to see us making sacrifices for others. Brandi is such an inspiration for selflessness. Thank you so much Brandi, you have shown me how what seems to be a small sacrifice for us, can make such a huge difference in someones life. We are going to follow your example for giving.

Bella has committed her allowance to 5 for 50 each month. We have committed to match her gift. We are also starting the process to sponsor a child by monthly giving.

If you can not help financially, 5 for 50 has other things you can do. Please check it out!


Brandi said...

Awe, thank you Jessica for those sweet words. Did you know tha I'm a words of encouragment girl?!

I love that your family is getting involved in this. You might be excited too that next month's KidsLake project is ETHIOPIA! We're going to have 3 fun ways for families, kids and groups to participate!

Thank you and I LOVE reading your blog!

Jessica said...

We will look for the project next month and definatly take part in it. I really do draw a lot of inspiration from you. Thanks!!