Saturday, December 20, 2008

1 month and 2 days

Since we accepted our referral and still NO court date. In case you don't know the process, we have been matched with our little baby, but must wait to pass court before we can go get him. In order to pass court, we need to get a court date!! This is so hard, please pray for us. I can't help but think God seems to have forgotten us and baby "T". Everything moved so quickly for us to get the referral and now time seems to have stopped. I know God wants us to have him and for him to have us for his parents, but every day that goes by is one more that we are not with him. He turned 5 months old last week, we missed it. He will not be with our family for Christmas, we will miss that as well. Please pray for us to get a court date soon and for our strength as we wait and wait and wait....


the truman's said...

Hi Guys,
We will be praying for a court date for you. I know this is so hard; the waiting is hard. Just try to remember it is all in His perfect timing.
Mat and Stacey Truman