Wednesday, March 18, 2009

8 Month Birthday

Today is baby T's 8 month birthday. We wish he was in here with us and are praying he will be soon.

I had a great big God moment a couple of nights ago. We went to our hair dresser who has been cutting our hair for a couple of years now and told her about the adoption. Nothing unusual there....the God moment came when she told us she had chosen adoption for her daughter 22 years ago and she had, just a few days earlier, finally connected with her for the first time!!!! How huge is that? We had no idea she had chosen adoption for her child. We had so much to talk about over the next hour. She wanted to know my perspective as the adoptive mother and I was so open to hearing about her perspective as a birth mother. We were both open and God was working in that place to help us both along in our journey. I have not been able to stop thinking about the things she said. This conversation reminded me of the letter I need to write to baby T's birth mother. Although I may never meet her and have the opportunity to give it to her, it will be important for me as I prepare to become his mother. God is so great and puts the right people in our lives just when we need them!