Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adoption Decree and Delirium??

So we received the adoption decree today:

"Examining the application and detail evidences presented to it in verifying the
law; as the adopting have enough and sufficient capacity to take and grow up the
adopted child and there is no other condition to take and grow up the child, the
court has certified that approving the contract agreement of adoption is the
necessary and the best condition for the better growing up of child _________."

This is all such a God thing. We are so thankful for His guidance and mercy during this process. When I opened the blog today, I noticed our counter says "1 year and 1 week since we started this process". Although it seems like every day of 1 year and 1 week, God worked His patience into our lives through this process.

So...wonder why I titled this post Adoption Decree and Delirium? I am pretty sure Adoption Delirium is setting in. After over a year of this process, I am looking at my life through a totally different frame. Maybe it is through the eyes of Jesus? We bought our plane tickets (see last post) to leave in a couple of weeks, well since everything was postponed, we are probably not going to get an embassy date until two weeks after the date we were going to leave. I keep thinking that since we already have our tickets, why don't I go have two more weeks with baby David? Simon can still join me, but we could get a jump start on our life with our baby. One problem, we still don't have a confirmed embassy date. I could be there for anywhere from two weeks without Simon to four weeks. Crazy you may think, but maybe God is whispering in my ear. None the less, a decision does not need to be made for a week or more so we will be praying about it. I am curious as to what my fellow adoption mommas would do?


Martin and Kendell said...

Jess-this has been on my heart as well! I want so badly to just go and be with my boys while we await Eli's TB culture results-the only problem is that we have 6 kids and the culture will not be done for 8 more weeks. Not so sure that would be fair to anyone but me, but I entertain the idea almost daily!!! We are praying with you guys over this difficult decision and that God would show you clearly what you need to do.