Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 3 at home

We started out the day at 5:00 am. Whew...it is going to be a long one. Nicky is a little sick and woke up early complaining he did not feel good. That was the beginning...

I was able to go for a long walk/jog with our lab this morning. My hubby is the best and I really need this time every morning to prepare for day and burn off some stress. Then it was off to the doctor for David's TB test. They inject a little bit of liquid under the skin in his arm and evaluate how he reacts to it to determine if he has TB or not. We will go back on Thursday to have them look at it. Ohhhh, how could I forget the stool sample collection. Whew...I am glad that is over, Simon of course was MIA as he won't have anything to do with his diapers until we get whatever he has cleared up. We should know in a couple of days if he has any parasites or guardia. Our doc thinks he is between 15-18 months old, not the 11 months the orphanage reported. We will know more in the next couple of months as he adjusts and stabilizes.

He is making such huge progress physically, just in the week and a half we have had him. When we picked him up at the orphanage, he could barely walk with you holding just one hand. Now he is standing by himself for a few seconds! That is huge progress and we are excited so far!

I just put David down for a nap and he did not scream his head off! (I didn't either!) We have been struggling with the nap time thing and today was a success!

He is adjusting incredibly well, God continues to bless us and this little guy. :)