Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Here We Come!

I LOVE the new year. It brings on a whole new list of possibilities for the year. Simon and I (probably mostly me) thought it would be fun to list what we think will be happening in our lives in 2010. By posting them publicly, we are somewhat accountable for the things we can control...yikes!

1. Pay off all debt (student loans and cars) and only have our house mortgage left. (If you aren't convinced this is a good thing, check out Dave Ramsey)
2. Simon will have a job, starting his new career as a Police Officer.
3. Jessica will work less. This means 40-45 hours a week outside of year end.
4. Bella will start school at Dayspring Christian Academy for 6th grade.
5. David will talk!
6. Nicky will start reading.
7. The entire family will spend more time worshiping our Savior together.

Here are some fun pics from David's first Christmas


IAN Families said...

I just wanted to let you know that the IAN families blog has been redesigned and new content is being added everyday. You should come by and check it out!
I know that your blog used to be listed in the blog roll. Unfortunately, I had to clear them all out. All the blogs currently listed have given permission to have their photos or posts republished on the IAN families blog. Please let me know if you'd like your blog to be included in the blog roll...thereby giving me permission to "borrow" pics and posts. -Carey

Our Journey to Africa said...

Love your layout for the new year! =) We went through Dave Ramsey's Debt free plan the last couple years and it has been such a blessing to us, I will be praying for you on this amazing, yet difficult journey!

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