Thursday, April 8, 2010

African Boy Hair Care

So, I have been wanting to do this post for ages but have not had time...well here it is. Inquiring minds want to know how to care for African boys hair. Yes, it is different than my hair, but not quite as hard to care for as African girls hair. Admittedly David has more hair products than I do! This is adapted from several tips I have received from friends with girls. I am of strong feelings that my little boy should have as beautiful hair as little African girls!! Here is our regimen for his hair care and I will even include a new pic so you can see how CUTE it really is.

1. We wash his hair once a week (this is important, I didn't believe it at first, but they really don't need there hair washed more than that). We wash it with Pantene for Women of Color (stupid name but it works great and in a brown bottle by the other Pantene). The other days he takes a bath we just wet it with water.

2. After bath days, we use a leave in conditioner. My two favorites (we just use what is closest) are Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk and Carol's Daughter - Khoret Amen Leave-in Conditioner. I absolutely LOVE Carol's Daughter, you can find the website here. You might get sticker shock, but with boys, it lasts a LONG time. Well worth the investment.

3. Every morning we wet it with a mixture of water and oil in a spray bottle. 10 parts water to 1 part oil. I use Africa's best Ultimate Herbal oil. It was less than $5 at Walmart and will last years.

4. After wetting it with the water oil mixture, we use Carol's Daughter - Hair Milk. I love this stuff, it smells great and makes it super shiny and defines the curls.

5. On non bath nights, I will wet it with the oil water mixture before bed.

I have not had any issues with dry scalp on David.

For skin care, we use a Vaseline Intensive Care cocoa butter lotion. I am sure any kind with cocoa butter lotion will work well. His skin does get drying than our other kiddos but this seems to work better than regular lotions.

That is it, a little more intense than Nicky's hair, but well worth the time. :)


Davida said...

Thanks for the info!! And that family pic of you guys is WONDERFUL!!! :)