Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nicky & Mommy's weekend

Simon has drill this weekend, so it is just Nicky and mommy. He has been fighting an annoying
cold for a couple of weeks and finally seems to have knocked it out. He has been a bear, although he is back to his cheerful self. We are cleaning and cleaning some more. It seem like it has caught up with me...I guess since we have lived her 2 1/2 years now, our house is officially no longer new and is dirty now.
Nothing new on the adoption you see, our little stork keeps moving right along. Thanks to "Uncle Sam" we got to make a great big deposit! Simon doesn't have a job yet. Please pray for him, we won't starve if he does not get one, but it will accelerate our adoption drastically when he does. I know God has the perfect job in mind for him...but it is hard being patient and waiting.
Well, that is it for this weeks update. I have about 40 resume's to screen for the replacement on my team. That should keep my busy for most of Nicky's nap.