Sunday, June 1, 2008


I need some right now. Work has been crappy, I can't say I wasn't fairly warned, being a manager can really stink. Not everyone on my team strives for excellence. Some people just quit when the going gets tough, or Jessica gets tough and coaches you to do your job...yeah the one you are getting paid good money for. I had a resignation last week...I hate those and since it is my 2nd one this year, I am fighting to not let this one get us further behind. I can't say I did not see the writing on the wall with this one, but hey, denial is a nice place to live sometimes.

I am also really missing by sweat baby Bella. She is such a great girl and the house feels empty without her constant chatter. She is always a source of energy and motivation for me. Remember when playing outside with your friends was the "best day ever"? How about running in the sprinkler? It is going to be 86 degrees here today and I am held up in the house trying not to get too hot by going outside. Maybe I should go run in the sprinkler with Nicky...I think that might be my needed inspiration.....