Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adoption Update

I haven't posted for awhile, mostly because there has not been much happening on the adoption front. Well, we do have some news. We sent our dossier off to our agency last week, upon review, it looks like we were missing one thing...a copy of Simon's passport. Darn it...I tried so hard to get everything in the first try, but I guess it was perfect otherwise. I sent off the copy on Thursday to the State for certification and hopefully they will get it to the agency early next week. We can't go on the list until then. I was kind of disappointed, but it is not a big deal considering we will be #3 on the list for a boy and #6 on the list for a girl. Our agency has not had any referrals lately, so things are not moving right now. We don't think a few days will make that big of a difference, so we are still being patient. We also have to apply with Homeland Security to bring the baby into the Country (I 600A). We did that last week and received the letter stating we can go have our finger prints done for the background check. We will have to do that in Denver at their offices so we will do it when we are down there on the 11th for our adoption training. This does not need to be done to get on the referral list, but needs to be completed by the time we travel.

On another adoption note, our Church is hosting an Adoption Expo the weekend of October 18th & 19th. Simon and I are having an Ethiopian Adoption booth along with a book table. We have contacted Red Letters and Russell Weir has graciously offered to send us some cards along with other materials they use to hand out. Thank you Russell, if you are out there!!! Also, if any of you have traveled and have pictures of the orphanages we can use, please email them to me at We really feel God is leading us to use this opportunity to get the word out about the need for orphan relief in Africa. If you are interested in ways you can help, read this post from a few weeks ago. Well, that is all for now, God willing, we will post next week that we are officially "waiting".


Brandi said...

You will be home with your little one before you know it. . .the wait for Davis felt like FOREVER and here we are approaching a year with him home. . .my mind is spinning!

I'm excited for your expo! Feel free to share about KidsLake or anything else. . .we'd like to adapt some of our campaign type things to other things that people want to raise money for. . .I'll be praying for you guys!

PS I have no pics of Ethiopia, but lots of "africa" pics if you need any.