Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flowers and Adoption Update

I received some Iris bulbs from a friend a few years ago. She gave me two bags, one labeled white and the other purple. Well, we planted them with the thought that they would be the front row in our flower bed in front of our house. The third summer is here and this is what they look like:

They are GIANT and not purple or white, but yellow! I love them but they have taken over the entire flower bed!!
Many of you have been asking and praying (thank you so much) for our adoption and the boys. I talked to our coordinator yesterday and although she did not have a court date for baby David, she did say they were confident they would get all kids referred so far this year through court before the closure in August & September. What wonderful news!!! We have been discouraged the last week or so because it has been 4 weeks now since we officially accepted the referral and no court date. We were told they anticipated the date would come faster for us this time because we had already been through the process with baby "T". "Faster" to us meant 2 weeks, tops!! Anyway we are praising God as it seems that we will still be able to go get baby David yet this summer. No news on baby "T".


Martin and Kendell said...

Oh Jessica! Your flowers look awesome! And what great news about getting a court date before the summer closures. That is wonderful! I can't wait to celebrate your date w/you!