Sunday, June 21, 2009

My new strategy...

I have it figured out, I am going to proceed with our life as if we are leaving to go get baby David on July 25th. Our coordinator did say that if we passed last week that would be the most likely travel date. I am packing and buying the last things we need for him: car seat, double stroller, diapers, and crib sheets. I think this will work to get things moving and hear next week that the adoption is final. I am actually really busy with work (Lord help me we go live with our new finance software July 6th) and my class for grad school. We are reading over 250 pages a week! Somehow with all of that, I still find time to obsess over the boys. I am also focusing my time on Nicky. He is missing Bella terribly and this will be his last summer as an "only child".
Please pray that God will move mountains (again!) and get the last paperwork early this week so we can get our embassy date scheduled.

Happy father's day to all of the daddy's out there. I am blessed with a great dad and miss him a lot.

Here are some photos of the dad's in my life:

My Dad, Bella & Nicky


Martin and Kendell said...

I LOVE the new strategy!!! You will be traveling before you know it! I can't wait to hear that you's coming!!!