Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The shock has warn off...

now the panic is setting in...I have so much to do!! I am praying that after this week my job slows down and no more 50-55 hour weeks for awhile. My class is a lot of work but will be done right before we leave so that is good. Anyway, we have a lot of awesome people in our lives who have offered to help us which is a true blessing!! We have friends who are going to take Nicky and some other friends who are taking the dogs...what a relief to have that figured out! Simon's last day at the bank is next Tuesday so he will be home with Nicky and has a lot of projects around the house to knock out.

Praying for peace as we wait for travel dates!!


Kari said...


Let me know if you need anything. We have a Bradt Ethiopia Travel Guide that was really helpful reading on the plane and we also have a international outlet adapter which we will not be needing ourselves for awhile.